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Contents of Spencer's 1936 Cedar Chest Vancouver Jubilee Time Capsule

A package from the Vancouver Pioneers' Association Archives deposited by Judge J. A. Forin, Historian with written instructions: “Deposited with D. Spencer Coy for the Chest to be opened in 1986, J. A. Forin, archivist of Pioneers Association”.

  1. Declaration, Constitution and By-Laws of the Vancouver Pioneers' Association, incorporated in 1926-27.
  2. List of Granville [Vancouver] pioneers 1882, compiled by the late W. D. Burdis. (over 125 names and occupations of "Pioneers of Granville" plus societies, industries, churches, etc.)
  3. The steamer Skuzzy and Captain W. Holmes own account of a trip through Hell's Gate on the steamer.
  4. Remarks by Rev. E. D. McLaren, D.D. titled “Optimistic Speech by Pioneer Pastor”, transcribed from The Province, 1934.
  5. A 1914 photograph of an 1877 CPR surveying party's tree blaze found about "85 miles north of Ashcroft".
  6. A January 6, 1937 list of Past Presidents, Vancouver Pioneers Association, starting from 1912
  7. Photograph of the Executive Committee taken at Port Moody, July 3, 1936.
  8. Account of Pioneers' Annual Dinner written in the News-Herald of November 28, 1936.
  9. Photograph and biographical sketch of John W. Coburn, member of the Executive Committee.
  10. Photograph and biographical sketch of Judge John Andrew Forin, Past President (1932). He served in the Riel Rebellion of 1885 with the Q. O. R. of Toronto.
  11. Photograph and biographical sketch of Fred Huson Smith, member of the Executive.
  12. Photograph and biographical sketch of Charles Henry Wilson, member of the Executive.
  13. Biographical sketches of J. K. McKenzie, William Carey Ditmars, William H. Evans.
  14. Photograph of the Rt. Hon. R. B. Bennett, W. H. Evans (Past Pres.), F. A. Barnhart, G. G. McGeer, taken at Port Moody July 3, 1936 commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the first transcontinental train, with Evans as engineer and Barnhart as conductor.
  15. Sunday, June 14th, 1936 Commemorative Service at St. Andrews-Wesley United church, Rev. E. D. Braden.
  16. Photograph and biographical sketch of Captain William James Twiss,
    Vice President, 1936.
  17. An 1894 list of members of the Vancouver Pioneer Society which was organized in 1893.
  18. “The Town Pump”, some early Vancouver historical anecdotes from Province, June 12, 1935.
  19. Photograph and biographical sketch of John Henry Cocking, Past President.
  20. Autobiographical sketch of Alexander Mitchell, Past President.
A box of letters (surnames of senders in bold)
  • An October 18, 1936 letter from a grade 11 student in Magee High School, Miram Renwick, expressing her hopes and plans for the future.
  • An October 1836 letter from Mrs. A. Willey of Lynn Creek to her grandchildren with some lessons in life.
  • An October 1936 letter from Annie Willey expressing satisfaction with her life.
  • An August 14, 1936 letter from 11 year old Archie Abernathy with all the latest news about his family.
  • An apparent class project. The students of Lord Nelson Elementary School wrote letters to Russell Cumming, a fellow student who was holidaying or living in England and someone with whom the students were quite familiar. The letters from 35 students, many of whom were sunburned, were written in May and June 1936. Those who wrote letters with all the latest news from their class were:
    Jack Baillie, Doreen Beale, Doreen Black, Stanley Boast, Mavis Botwright, Tommy Bradley, Billie Chambers, Winnie M. Chambers, Edward Dallamore, Florence (no last name), Catherine Fraser, Lloyd Hamilton, June Hasagawa, Jeanette (no last name), Jimmy Imlach, Esther McAnges, Joy McCullough, Kenneth McKay, Jean MacMillan, Mitsu Ohara, Doris Oldaker, Johan Peens, Bobby Peigh, Donnie Upham, Ulva Rennie, Jean Robertson, Hector Sanderson, Joan Scrimgeour, Dick Smith, June Sproul, Ray Takeuchi, Andrew Valente, Bobby Wilson, Hazel Wilson, Ralph Wilson
  • Newspaper clipping from Violet Barlow, Vancouver's Jubilee Queen, 1936 from Ms. Barlow.
  • Notice of Assessment Office Hearing for M. L. Eastham
  • An August 31, 1936 letter to David Spencer from John Dunsmuir thanking D. S. for his support in making the Parade of Progress a success
  • A September 17, 1936 letter and photograph from Billy Waddell, a grade 3 student
  • An October 26, 1936 unsigned letter to the Mayor of Vancouver enclosing a David Spencer merchandise coupon, expressing the hope that in 1986, the then Mayor will not be issuing relief scripts.
  • 1936 Issue of stamps, submitted October 17, 1936 by Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Hewer (Hewes?)
  • A picture of Spencer's Float likely submitted by Miss Lorraine Rodgers.
  • An undated letter with a biography and picture of 10 year old Hilda Ruchings.
  • An August 16, 1936 letter from 10 year old Betty Caldwell from Endako giving all the latest news.
  • An overdue David Spencer bill to Mr. F. Eastham
  • Several clippings for the International Order of the Kings Daughters and Sons.
  • Several empty envelopes, including one from the White House, Washington, D. C.
  • A Letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun in 1986, from, Herbert Sallans, the Editor of the Sun in 1936
Various Photographs
  1. 24 photos (8”x10”) taken between 1926-34 of interior shots of Spencer's, inside displays, window displays, cafeteria, etc, as well as aerial shots of Vancouver
  2. Another package of 7 photos of inside shots of Spencer's
  3. Oldest members of David Spencer Limited Staff, taken on the occasion of the store's Diamond Jubilee, 1933.
  4. A spring 1917 Victoria B. C. framed photo of the Spencer Gold Wedding Group
  5. David Spencer employees who served in 1914-18 and called themselves “The Remnants” and whose job it was to raise money to send a delegation to the opening of the Canadian Memorial at Vimy.
  6. An April 1940 photograph of David Spencer employees who had managed to buy gasoline during a gasoline strike
  7. A 1936 photo of Violet Barlow, Vancouver's Jubilee Queen
  8. Vancouver South Junior Band, the official Golden Jubilee band
  9. An undated, unnamed picture of a nurse, probably at turn of century
  10. Autographed photo of G. G. McGeer, Mayor of Vancouver
  11. Hair dressing model of 1936
Spencer's In-House Journals and Catalogues
  • December 1925 Christmas Number Store Topics
  • April 1927 Store Topics
  • June 1927 Store Topics
  • October-November 1927 Store Topics
  • October 1928 Store Topics
  • Spencer's Home Maker's Bungalow (no date)
  • 1936 Spencer's Fall and Winter Catalogue
  • 5 doubled sided pages of advertising for Universal products
Vancouver Golden Jubilee souvenirs
  1. Records of the Women's Division Activities, July 1st to Sept. 7th, 1936:
    • April 6, 1936 Meeting of Women's Division, Vancouver Jubilee Committee, Minutes and Committee heads.
    • June 12, 1936 “Coming of Age” program, Sponsored by the Women's Division Vancouver Golden Jubilee Committee.
    • 1936 Certificate of Coming of Age, 1915-1936
    • About 600 names of male and female Recipients for “Coming of Age” Certificates.
    • June 22, 1936 programme for King Edward's Birthday Party Cabaret, B. C. Cancer Foundation Fund Benefit, arranged by the Women's Division of the Golden Jubilee Committee.
    • June 22, 1936 ticket for Cancer Benefit at Hotel Vancouver.
    • June 22, 1936 photograph of Cabaret birthday cake
    • July 8, 1936 ticket for Women's Division Golden Jubilee “Gardens Beautiful” Tours and Tea
    • July 24, 1936 Programme of Golden Jubilee Luncheon, Hotel Vancouver
    • July 24, 1936 ticket for Golden Jubilee Luncheon
    • Place Card for Golden Jubilee Luncheon
    • August 7, 1936 Exhibition of Handicrafts, Winter Gardens (participating organizations)
    • August 7, 1936 ticket for Home Craft Festival
    • August 18, 1936 Report of B. C. Artists' Golden Jubilee Exhibition held at the Store of David Spencer Limited
    • August 19, 1936 programme for Dinner - Musicale in Honour of Lady Vincent, Lady Mayoress of the City of London, England
    • August 19, 1936 ticket for Dinner - Musicale for Lady Vincent
    • August 28, 1936 ticket for Reception and Tea with Her Excellency, Lady Tweedsmuir at the Hotel Vancouver
    • September 3, 1936 Minutes of a General Meeting of the Women's Division of the Golden Jubilee Committee
    • Women's Division, Golden Jubilee Organizations
  2. The Jubilee March, the Official Theme Song
  3. Vancouver Jubilee giant poster
  4. Exhibit of Replicas of the Crown Jewels of England at Spencer's
  5. June 28, 1936 Vancouver Golden Jubilee Service program
  6. Official Souvenir Program
  7. Kiwanis Jubilee Song Sheet
  8. A Souvenir of Golden Jubilee Year 1936 (a book of photographs)
  9. Golden Jubilee Official Pictorial Souvenir Programme
  10. P. O. Pot-Pourri Souvenir Number (Post Office Publication)
  • April 25, 1936 edition of the Vancouver Sun - “Celebrating Vancouver's Fiftieth Anniversary”.
  • May 21, 1936 edition of the Vancouver Daily Province with a Golden Jubilee Supplement
  • June 30, 1936 special pull-out section of the Vancouver Sun - “Golden Jubilee Opening”.
  • July 27, 1936 Daily Telegraph pull out section titled “The King's Tribute to Canadian Valour on Vimy Ridge” from Mr. Noble of Capilano sent by Miss Hawksworth-Wheeler of Folkestone, England
  • November 14, 1936 edition of the “Sunday Sun” section of the Vancouver Sun.
  • May 27, 1939 edition of the Vancouver Sun honouring visit by King and Queen.
The Opening of City Hall
  1. Official programme of the December 4, 1936 opening ceremony of the new City HallRadio Station C.K.W.X cue sheet and script (for opening of City Hall)
  2. An August 19, 1936 invitation from the Mayor and Mrs. G. G. McGeer to attend a garden party in honour of the Lord Mayor of London.
  3. An August 20, 1936 invitation from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to meet with the Lord Mayor of London in the Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Vancouver.
  4. An August 20, 1936 invitation from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to an unveiling of the statue of George Vancouver by the Lord Mayor of London
Odds and Sods
  1. Report of the Traffic Safety Committee of The Vancouver Junior Chamber of Civic Affairs on the Traffic Safety Campaign
  2. The Times Map of Abyssinia
  3. Flyer for Chrysler Motors De Soto Six car for “$845 and upwards”
  4. August 22, 1936 (mouse chewed) copy of Radio Week
  5. The Eucharistic Congress, Official Souvenir Book, 1936, published by the British Columbia Catholic
  6. British Columbia Coast Guide 1936
  7. September 1936 Province single page edition of “Business Conditions in British Columbia”
  8. Corporation of the City of Vancouver British Columbia Financial Statements and Annual Reports for the year ended December 31st, 1935
  9. Two notated aerial maps of Vancouver
  10. Six This Week in Vancouver, (covering July-October, 1936)
  11. 1936 edition of 1000 Facts about Vancouver, British Columbia
  12. Travel folder for the Queen Mary
  13. Three May 1936 editions of the Ocean Times, published aboard the Queen Mary with contemporary news.
  14. A program, dated May 20th, 1910, for the Open Air Memorial Service for Edward VII

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